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The new LAMINA1 blockchain is launched with a focus on Metavars

 Neal Stephenson, in collaboration with the former head of the Bitcoin Foundation and with the participation of key investors, including Atrium co-founder and founder of Consensus, Joseph Lubin, is launching a new blockchain focusing on Metavars.

Neil Stephenson, the author who first used the term metavers 30 years ago and is considered to be the spiritual father of the concept metavers in its new meaning, intends to work with several important companies in the space. Crypto launches a new Layer-focused blockchain called Metamorphosis named "LAMINA1".

He also reconsidered his approach to the Metawarrow, saying that the experience of the technology should be greater than that of virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) such as virtual reality headsets and lenses provided by Meta and Microsoft. Be inclined to 2D screens.

Stephenson is one of the most popular writers in his 1992 science fiction novel Snow Crash, which explores the virtual reality world of Metavars. In addition to writing, the 62-year-old author worked from 2014 to 2020 as a Senior Futurist at Magic Augmented Reality (AR).

Crypto investor and former head of the Bitcoin Foundation, Peter Vessenes, said in a statement Wednesday that he and Stephenson have teamed up to form a new first layer called LAMINA1. They hope that this network will serve as the main layer for free meta-users.

"The network is pollution-free," he said.

    A place to build things that are a little closer to the Nile's vision and attitude. A place that benefits creators, professionals and artists. A place that provides support, processing technology, and a community to support the creators of Metavars.

Little information and details about this project are available. Nevertheless, Atrium co-founder Joseph Lubin is one of the most notable names on the project's list of early investors.

Regarding the role of the co-founders in LAMINA1, Wensen said:

    Neil brings vision, knowledge, experience and core goals. The main goals of this project are to help artists and other producers of valuable content to earn a decent income from their work, to help the environment and build a free meta-transformation, and to end the monopoly of large companies in the field of meta-transformation. We have also focused on the rapid start of this blockchain by preparing the technical grounds and coordinating with the artists and partners.

Stephenson shared his ideas about Metavars on Twitter. He predicts that virtual reality headsets will not play much of a role in the short term. Stephenson emphasized:

    We use the keyboard to easily navigate and interact with rich 3D environments. If Metavars ignores the users and developers who create these experiences, it has taken the wrong path.