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Stable Quinn Teter was released on the Tezos blockchain

 Thezos is now the twelfth blockchain network to support the USDT StableCoin.

Teter Company, the largest provider of StableCoin, announced the launch of the StableCoin USDT on the platform of the Tezos blockchain. Thus, the number of networks that support this stable coin has reached 12.

The first layer network of Tzus uses a special type of stock proof certificate called Liquid Stock Proof (LPoS) and is designed so that the implementation of changes in it does not require hardfork and network separation.

The introduction and introduction of the USDT in the Tezos network is expected to facilitate and enhance the entry and exit routes to the Defos ecosystem in Tezos.

Prior to Tzus, the USDT was available on the Atrium Paligan Layer 2 network.

Tetra, with a market value of $ 72 billion, is still the most important stable coin in the cryptocurrency market, despite losing some value against the dollar in a short period last month.

Following the growth and promotion of its products, Teter, the exporter of StableQueen USDT, has introduced a new type of StableQueen backed by the Mexican Peso. This stable coin called MXNT will initially be available in three main Chinese blocks including Atrium, Theron and Paligan.