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Rapsten Atrium's experimental network is ready to transfer to stock proof

 The Rapisten Atrium Trial Network is ready to upgrade to Merge and move to a stock-proof consensus. Rapsten is Atrium's most important test network, and since its PoW architecture is similar to the main network, any upgrades and development in its context are of particular importance for the main upgrade.

As Bico, one of the leading developers of Atrium Core, has previously stated, the Rapsten network, Atrium's oldest experimental network, is on the verge of a major upgrade, during which its consensus mechanism will prove to work. Proof of stock will change. According to Bico, the Merge process for Rapstein will take place on June 8 (June 18).


The launch of the Beacon Chain in the context of the Rapstein Experimental Network is a major turning point for the atrium. Bacon China is a stock-proof network that operates alongside Atrium's core proof-of-business network. In fact, this network is an experimental platform for the imminent transition of the Atrium network consensus mechanism and the final integration and formation of a single network based on stock proof. 


 Review of Atrium Price Action

Since the beginning of 2022, Atrium has lost about 50% of its value and has performed worse than Bitcoin. In addition, since mid-May, with investor sentiment declining, its price has fallen below $ 2,000.

About $ 11.6 million left Atrium last week, bringing the total capital outflows from the cryptocurrency to $ 250 million since the beginning of the year, according to Kevin Scheres' latest weekly report.

Ali Martinez, a market analyst, tweeted:


 Anchin's data show that there was a supply gap in the $ 1906- $ 1963 price range, in which about 900,000 addresses bought more than 8 million ethers.

     Ether must overcome this resistance in order to reach $ 2,200.


He also technically stated that a downward triangle is forming on the Atrium chart in short-term timeframes, and that ether must break the $ 1,950 resistance to reach $ 2,400. On the other hand, if the support of $ 1,700 is not maintained, the price of Atrium will probably fall to $ 1,300.

As one of the experiments of technical analysis, descending triangles end below the line with a sharp drop in price and then the descent to the height of that triangle ends.

At the time of writing, the ether is priced at $ 1,763.