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How to make a living from your blog?

This question is often raised when it comes to understanding how to make a living from blogging as a main activity when the blogger only produces content. Clearly if it is not a question of selling products which are visible on its site, then how can it live from its activity?

The notion of service is therefore a priority for the blogger wishing to live from his blog, because it is through the sale of various services that he will live from his activity.

 Let's see the different steps to monetize a blog and then the services that bloggers sell from every angle. Be aware that even the advertising broadcast on a site is a service, when associated with its audience.


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1. The work required to monetize your blog

Let's see if you have an idea of ​​the work required to monetize your blog. The first thing to know and accept in blogging is the virtue associated with patience! You don't reap the fruits of your labor overnight.

The first step, apart from creating the blog, choosing your domain name, the host, etc., is writing. Producing content is the main activity of the blogger, but it can be varied from all angles. To make themselves visible, the blogger must create content and do it regularly and intelligently. Above all, we think of a search engine and more specifically Google. We must ask ourselves the right questions around natural referencing and the web writing that results from it.


2. Web referencing to develop your blog and your audience

SEO is a mandatory step to expand your organic audience and secure positions on the Google search engine. If a blogger is not a web editor or an SEO, it is a discipline that he will have to learn to gain authority and influence. You will need to know the fundamentals of SEO and understand the different sources of web traffic to work on them better.

Conversely, it is possible to write at a high frequency and rely on social networks. But these will not directly improve its SEO. Also writing at a high rate requires a team, because alone it is not possible to register in the long term. Nothing says either that social networks will not limit the visibility of content as Facebook has practiced over the years.


 Google still has some logic and rules that you can apply to search for positions. It will therefore be necessary to arm yourself with the right tools.

As soon as you obtain positions thanks to the evolution of your organic traffic, you become more visible. You will then be subject to possible partnerships such as the writing of sponsored articles that we will see below. Gradually you will evolve towards an interesting number of unique visitors and you will be able to monetize your blog more easily according to the levers that we will see below. It is obvious to perfect his optimization that the blogger will have a WordPress blog (not hosted on but created from a shared or dedicated server)


3. Monetize your blog with advertising

Advertising is undoubtedly the first lever towards which bloggers are heading, to earn their first euros. If at the start we can really talk about a few euros, they can eventually become hundreds of euros. To make money with advertising, the first thing to do is to go through the Google Adsense platform, in order to advertise for brands, publishers etc…

Be careful though because it is strongly recommended to have a minimum audience and a theme that does not go against Google rules. Then you can look at advertising agencies that have broader partnerships like The Moneytizer.

Be aware that the networks are intermediaries and that it is entirely possible to directly offer brands or companies of any kind the sale of inserts on your blog. When you have a significant number of unique visitors and good indicators, you can offer this service.


 4. Earn some money with the affiliation you will make on your blog

Affiliation remains a form of advertising, which you negotiate directly with unique players in general. You can have partnerships directly with brands, publishers etc. or via affiliate platforms. The principle is simple, you highlight the product / service of a brand on your blog, and with each click generating a sale, you receive a percentage.

However, living from your blog through affiliation is not easy, even if some manage to do so. The blog quickly becomes very commercial at the expense of the content delivered.

Brands or partners generally provide resources for bloggers such as banners, inserts, etc., all associated with a unique affiliate code. To manage all this there are effective WordPress plugins to track the clicks generated by your ads.

Be careful, however, because the affiliation must be directly related to your theme to maximize your chances of generating sales. In addition, on a blog there are not many locations. The affiliation will not guarantee you a stable income but well worked, it can in certain cases ensure a good additional income. Make the ratio of possible earnings between affiliation and advertising if necessary.


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5. Monetized partnerships on your blog with brands

Brand partnerships and sponsored posts are where bloggers really make money. At this stage it is necessary to have a minimum of authority and to be a referent in his field of activity. Of course, this is the objective to be achieved here following work that must be long-term.

Expertise and influence on its theme will not be gained overnight. As for the guessed question: in how long? It all depends on your theme, the topics covered and their relevance, and your writing frequency. These 3 criteria are important, without forgetting the natural referencing to work on top.

We can therefore live here from his blog only with these levers. A blogger will take particular care of his positions to seek partnerships and advance good metrics.


 We will not discuss the upstream work with the editorial line to be established, because it is important for positioning yourself well. Also do not expect a good positioning with a Lifestyle blog that brings together a multitude of areas / categories. In the eyes of Google, it is better to be positioned on a fairly specific domain, than on a broad subject that I will call a catch-all! To better understand this principle, we can see the side of the structure of a blog in silos and learn the semantic cocoon.

Partnerships with brands can be multiple and they are generally sponsored content. Sponsored content is usually paid. Rates are also set according to many criteria that will differ from one partner to another.

The criteria to consider to monetize your blog with sponsored partnerships

These criteria are valid for sponsored partnerships and for sponsored articles (more representative for the blogger) that we will see below.

  • Your number of unique visitors: It defines the size of your audience as the number of subscribers for a social network. Small note, however: The audience of a blog evolves and changes every month, especially when we work on organic traffic. Why ? Quite simply because a user arrives on your site via a need, a request. Once the answer to his request has been obtained, he does not necessarily need to return to your site.

  • Your CF and TF: Citation Flow and Trust Flow are 2 indicators provided by Majestic SEO, an SEO tool. It indicates the level of authority and trust of a site/blog. It is on the amount of backlinks received from different sites and on their level of authority as well, that these scores are assigned.

  • Your DA: DA for Domain Autorithy, which is an additional indicator delivered by the MOZ tool, reporting a weighted sum of indicators. The higher the score, the more authority the site has for Google.
  •  You calculate it here: DA: Moz Domain Analysis

  • Your organic traffic: Some partners interested in your blog will search via Google by simulating queries on keywords related to their activity. This is where they will find your blog by discovering your positions on these keywords. These positions on Google will arouse interest in inserting links, for example. So you will need to be good at SEO. We will see it below with regard to netlinking.

  • Your audience: The audience of your blog must be qualified to interest partners. It must match their target to allow them to reach it through your channel.

  • Your writing frequency: Writing frequency can have an impact because it shows your activity and reflects on your traffic. However, she also has another interest! It is a question of not cannibalizing the audience of sponsored content, by other content published the same day and which would be more trendy. As such, one to two contents per day seems to be the right compromise.

  • Your number of subscribers to your newsletter: The subscribers to your newsletter will have to be numerous to show a real interest. Several tens of thousands if we consider the opening and click rates which decrease proportionally.

  • Your social media presence: Having accounts on social networks will also be interesting to offer complete offers, such as writing content and sharing it on social networks. This makes it possible to create a global and more attractive offer.

We can also highlight the main Google Analytics indicators such as the bounce rate, the number of pages visited, the number of sessions per user, etc.


Thus partners may wish to obtain one or more of this information to confirm a partnership.


  • Create videos around products/services and insert them in articles and/or on a YouTube channel linked to the blog.
  • Relay communication campaigns for brands on its blog and on its social networks.
  • Participate in operations related to the event. Facilitate workshops, webinars etc.
  • Share content on your social networks if you have a large and representative community in your domain.
  • Disseminate content via your newsletter (beware of the loss of subscribers caused by poor targeting or if the operation is too commercial).
  • Highlight promotional inserts on your blog for brands: Product/service launch, form and call-to-action to generate leads, etc.

You can find others, but these are the main ones.


6. Make a living from your blog thanks to sponsored articles: it's possible!

Sponsored articles are certainly one of the most profitable levers for bloggers. Many earn money thanks to them and the many partners they have to work on this lever.

To the extent that the blogger writes, this is where he will have a lot to do to monetize his audience effectively.

 Sponsored articles: A real source of interesting income for bloggers

Sponsored articles represent a real work in the same way as videos elsewhere. I am talking here about time to devote to writing including research, SEO optimization, layout and sharing to be scheduled. You can easily spend a day or more there, which requires establishing a fair price between the criteria relating to the authority of your blog and the time spent writing the article.

Rates can vary from 100 to 1500€ per article and much more depending on the authority of the blogs. With strong authority we speak of media for most of them.

The principle is simple! To earn money thanks to your blog and sponsored articles, you will have to work at best on your own visibility and therefore your SEO. There are 2 ways in which we are led to produce sponsored content:

Work with agencies or online platforms

Sponsored articles work a lot with online netlinking platforms (see next point). Depending on your authority, your theme and a set of metrics, you will succeed in making a good living from your blog thanks to sponsored articles. This is one of the most profitable levers, after a good job around content and SEO.

Agencies regularly contact live bloggers for sponsored posts as well. The advantage is that an agency generally has a large client portfolio, which leads to recurring partnerships. However, pay attention to the prices because the agencies often pull the prices down, especially if they are English-speaking. They often offer links, so netlinking.

Work directly with companies

Companies can also offer you sponsored posts for your live blog, avoiding platforms as middlemen. You can thus better negotiate your rates and create a database of contacts. Partnerships can sometimes be renewed from one year to the next.

When working on your SEO from an organic point of view, it is common for companies to contact you if you have good positions on search engines and even more so if you are first on Google for a search query.


7. Netlinking: A recurring source of income for your blog

Netlinking is a discipline that will allow you to generate a lot of income, but be careful to follow a few rules. In the case of netlinking you are of course the publisher (the owner of the blog) and will have as clients netlinking platforms or SEO managers within agencies or even be directly with brands or companies. The end customers will be the advertisers.

 The principle consists in placing links within content that you will redirect, or that your client will redirect for you. These links will of course be related to your theme according to your wishes indicated. Netlinking is an activity that delivers authority to the sites highlighted, through your content. They will become backlinks for these sites. Depending on the platforms, agencies and structures, these prices can also vary here from €100 to several hundred euros. It all depends on your customer's wishes.

The netlinking must be clean, and be carried out on a dynamic site which produces relevant content on a recurring basis. It is not a question of being a nursery of links where it is possible that your style or your expertise will no longer be recognized.

Register on these main platforms when the time comes (you can find others):

  1. SEMJuice
  2. getfluence
  3. Rocket Links
  4. Submit
  5. SeedingUp

These platforms represent a huge pool of blogs on which many professionals wish to place one or more links to give them visibility and be better positioned on search engines. Bloggers monetize their blogs a lot through netlinking.


8. Sell your know-how on your blog

Selling your know-how as a blogger generally consists of promoting resources such as training (not training to become rich), ebooks or even premium content with real added value.

The training courses generally relate to the expertise put forward and in the digital world we often find online courses on Facebook Ads, community management, copywriting, influence marketing, etc. You can see these courses on the sidebar on the left (inserts featuring Danilo Duchesnes).

 The training to put on sale from his blog requires a good knowledge of the implementation of video files, protections etc… You also have plugins or WordPress themes dedicated to this use. The pricing can then be very variable and it is better to already be recognized in its field to sell it. A good subject, a good promotion and good tools to manage everything can make the difference.


9. Sell premium content from your blog

Selling premium content is part of the blogger's know-how, but it may be useful to better explain what is expected specifically on this lever. Selling premium content from your blog must already be done after recognition of your expertise in your field. Monetizing your blog with premium content can be done via professional clients and in very specific areas such as SEO, strategy or even visibility issues.

Premium content is intended to provide relevant food for thought, operational tools and concrete cases that can be duplicated by companies. More than a global training on a broad subject, it is a question here of answering a specific point through content.

The goal of the blogger is then to research the major problems of certain companies and to work on them as in consulting mode. By opting for concrete cases and sufficiently encountered by companies, it will be a question of communicating on them by offering some advice and seeking that companies identify with these contents (concrete cases). All the art of the work to be done consists of positioning content on the topics covered and working with an inbound marketing strategy to attract customers to yourself (to your site).


In conclusion

The subject was probably a bit long, with a long introduction to the professional blogger and his activity which allows him to make a living or make ends meet. Monetizing your blog is not a difficult dream to achieve for a person who knows how to invest and go after a project.

Here you have the truth about how bloggers make money and if they are not millionaires, they are nevertheless happy and having fun doing what they love… and I am lucky to be one of those -the.

The start-up and launch phase of a blog is always very long and this is where you have to know how to surpass yourself and above all set clear and precise objectives. Surrounding yourself well and being able to rely on knowledge, on bloggers who have also been there, will undoubtedly help you.

Don't look at the mountain it could represent! See what's behind it: independence, no longer working for a boss and having fun, being able to manage your time and above all do what you love. In addition, you are not capped by an income that will change little or never. Here it is you who set the rules, the prices... as you progress.

It's up to you to become a (professional) blogger and monetize your blog and your audience. Living from your blog is an achievable project for those who are passionate and go after things.