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How to make a living from your blog? PArt 1

 How to make a living from your blog? : The Truth About Bloggers Making Money

How do bloggers make a living with their blog as a work tool? Find out the truth about bloggers who aren't millionaires, but make a comfortable living from their blog:


 Making money with a blog is undoubtedly the dream of many people, but alas many go for the easy solutions or lose heart along the way! To blog effectively, you have to register for the long term.

It is possible and we will explain it to you with the main existing levers (excluding influence marketing). There is room for everyone in the blogosphere!


Have you ever read slogans like

“Create your blog in 5 minutes and earn your first 30,000 euros from the first month”

We talk about financial independence, traveling from one end of the world to the other, driving in a Ferrari, surveying the most beautiful hotels on the planet etc... and all this while selling training in most cases! Some also advocate easy riches with dropshipping sites.

If you think it's too good to be true, you're spot on. There is real work to be done to earn a living with a blog and the good news is that it is not reserved for an elite as we would sometimes like to believe.

Let's define 2 things first:

  • Making a living with a blog, what does it mean?
  • What is a professional blogger or blogger?


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What does it mean to make a living with a blog?

Making a living with a blog doesn't mean being a millionaire and making headlines by flaunting your life there, and it doesn't mean you're going to become an influencer either. Even if in the latter case, it can happen after a job well done and with good positioning. Nothing is impossible, provided you put the necessary energy into it and go beyond a (long) phase of waiting for results.

 Earning money with your blog is already meeting your needs and being able to cover, of course, all your expenses through this single activity. Clearly, you become a professional blogger and this is what we will explain below, because 2 notions emerge from the pro blogger.


What is a pro blogger or a professional blogger?

A professional blogger or a professional blogger (activity largely represented by women) can get along in 2 ways and one does not necessarily lead to the other.

1. Pro blogger as main activity: living from his blog!

In this case, the blogger is professional from a business point of view. This is his main activity allowing him to live and through which he is responsible for a structure. He is therefore independent with his professional blog as a work tool, and has an attached status like a micro-enterprise. It doesn't matter what the blog is about as long as it generates income that it charges to its customers.

 There is no salary scale for this job, because it depends on the services sold through the blog. You can sell services and sometimes products there. The professional blogger is however different from the e-merchant, who will live from the sale of products/services from an e-commerce site. He is more of a seller than a blogger.

The professional blogger is rather active in writing and creating content for one or more audiences built up over months and years. So he derives income from a different job of an e-merchant or a company that owns a blog to distribute content.


2. Professional blogger in terms of quality of work: be pro!

Often the professional term is associated with a quality of work, without the person living from his activity. The blogger is considered professional by the relevance and quality of his work. A blogger can thus be professional in his editorial approach, the maintenance of his blog and all the levers related to communication, which he will deploy to take advantage of his tool.

 He does a professional job, but he doesn't make a living from his blogging activity. Blogging can, however, be a source of additional income, to amortize hosting costs, domain names, etc. This blogger activity can then be secondary, but also be a transition period before becoming professional.


“Professional” bloggers who sell dreams!
In the introduction I was talking about training courses sold by some (bloggers) who are more qualified as scammers or charlatans, by Internet users who have been victims of their business. Although a blogger can perfectly sell his know-how through training, it is not a question here of collecting advice from right to left and drawing training from it, with the message which aims to make you a millionaire.

There it is clearly visible that the message of some bloggers is misleading, and once the expenditure is made no results are felt. The arguments that follow are rife because it is easy to tell someone they haven't followed the advice well after the purchase has been made.

 The money that these bloggers earn comes from the sale of wind in an organized committee, because they all know each other and offer positive comments to each other at leisure. In a way, they ask you to do like them to relieve Internet users of several hundred euros, who are hoping (a little too quickly) to become rich.

Well-rehearsed copywriting, websites built in a hurry and empty of content with questionable services. We could put at their side the dropshippers of AliBaba, which consists in making for them, from 500 to 1000% of margin on products bought on the famous Chinese site.

You would have understood it ! This is not the business I am talking about but the one mentioned unfortunately exists and does a lot of damage to blogging. I do not recommend this way!