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Details of the next Dodge Quinn update have been released; What changes are on the way?

The Dodge Quinn development team plans to launch an update to version 1.14.6 this summer. In this article, we will discuss some of the features of this update.

Doge Whisperer's account tweeted, quoting one of the developers of the project, reviewing the new version of the Dodge Quinn kernel.

The image below is a checklist for this update shared on the project's GatHub platform by Dodge developer Patrick Lodder, which outlines what should or can be done in this update. 

What changes are taking place in the Dodge ecosystem?


In the image above, some items are titled MUST HAVE. Dodge version 1.14.6 is subject to these changes. These include the following:

  •     Increase user protection for this project's dedicated wallet (there are currently 2 versions of Multidoge and Dogecoin Core for this wallet).
  •     Troubleshoot bugs and vulnerabilities that exist in the bitcoin core network code, and the same code has been used in the Dodge ecosystem. One of the most important was an attack in which one network node could not receive transactions from other nodes.
  •     Fix bugs and vulnerabilities in Dodge proprietary codes
  •     Make the Dogecoin Core wallet cheaper
  •     Improve message address management

    Make it easier to use gitian scripts. Gatin is one of the software distribution tools used at Dodge so that developers can use written modules previously written by other developers.

Apart from this, the SHOULD HAVE section is used for items in the project update that need to be done, but do not need to be done before the update, including the independence of other project folders such as Bitcoin.

Finally, the COULD HAVE section is used for items in the project update that do not need to be done but are better done. These include improving system performance and Clean Up modules.

The last update on the Dodge network core occurred in August 2021 (August 1400) as version 1.14.5. Ilan Musk had previously suggested to Dodge developers that they focus on the features of lowering network fees, reducing transaction approval times, and increasing the number of transactions per block.