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Introduction of airdrops of the week; How to receive airdrops from 12 to 16 June?

 One of the most attractive ways to earn money in the field of cryptocurrencies is airdrops. AirDrop is designed and implemented by various crypto projects and is basically done to promote and attract new users. In Airdrop, a certain number of project tokens are distributed free of charge to users who are active on the platform, and users can also sell them and earn money. On Tuesdays of each week, the Homeland Blockchain team introduces a number of these campaigns, and you can earn money by participating in them. This week, we will introduce the AirDrop BitKeep and Equilibrium platforms. Be with the homeland of blockchain.


Introducing BitKeep AirDrop

 BitKeep is a multi-chain wallet that offers many services to users. BitCap now has about 5 million users from 168 countries and has been operating since 2018.

BitCap works with about 30 different blockchains, including Paligan, Solana, Bainance Smart China, Atrium, Heko, OEC, Theron, Phantom, Wax, IOST, Avalanche, and zkSync and Arbitrum second tier solutions. The wallet also supports about 8,000 decentralized applications (Dapp) and about 4,500 digital currencies.

Bitkeep wallet is available for mobile phones (Android and IOS) and browser extensions and extensions, and you will need this extension to connect to the wallets of this wallet through the browser. You can download this wallet here.

The Metamsk wallet is an Atrium volt that also connects to EVM-compatible chains or the Atrium Virtual Machine. BitCap is compliant with the Metamorphic protocol and can therefore communicate with EVM-compatible networks. In addition to these networks, Bitkeep can also connect to networks such as Solana, Theron, Terra, IOST, etc. that are not compatible with the Atrium virtual machine, and also provide users with the facilities of their ducks and dapps.


 BitCap offers the following features:

In this section you can swap or swap different ciphers of different networks. Dex Bit Cape is actually an aggregator or aggregator of various dex. You can see these different exchanges here.


 Volt cloud

There is also a Cloud Wallet in Volt BitCap, which is primarily used to generate BKB Token Rewards for users. The BKB is an Atrium-based ERC20 token, which is not currently available and is in the initial fundraising period.

Beat Cape Launch Pad or IWO Initial Release

Launchpad This wallet is divided into two parts: Bitkeeping projects and Aggregation platform. In this section, initial investment opportunities are provided in various projects and users can invest in different tokens from within their volts. Some of the projects presented in this section are HeroBook, Anonverse, MyTrade and AFKDAO.

Bridge Interchange

A bridge is a technology that can convert currencies into other networks. Blockchain is a type of distributed general ledger (DLT). Two blockchains are two different chains that are not related to each other. This means that you can not convert two different coins to each other without using intermediaries such as centralized exchanges. Bridges actually do the work of centralized exchanges, with the difference that these exchanges take place in a decentralized space.


In this wallet you can store, send and receive your unique NFT tokens and also sell them. To receive NFTs, just copy the specific address and send it to the sender; You may have bought these tokens from markets like OpenSea and want to keep them in your wallet, which BitCap allows. Even if you have several unique tokens, you can send them all at once.

In addition, BitCap has an NFT market, which is actually the aggregator of various NFT markets, and trendy and new collections are displayed here.

 Introducing the BKB token

The BKB token is the native currency of the BitCap wallet and is made to the ERC-20 standard and, of course, is also located on the China Binance Smart network. This token has not yet been made public. The total supply of this token is 600 million and various applications such as payment method within the BitCap ecosystem, proof of membership in the community (members are given special benefits), governance and supervision, access to public chain resources, access to VIP wallet facilities, Participate in the IWO launch pad and get a discount on transaction fees.
Bitkeep Airdrop Information

BitCap in collaboration with PlatON has organized an airdrop campaign that started on June 7, 1401 and will continue until June 12. A total of $ 2,500 LAT coins (native to Platon Platform coins) will be distributed to eligible participants.