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A Twitter user claims: Two Kwan is a cheater; He has received 42 million Luna AirDrop

 A person with a FatMan account on Twitter has revealed the secret wallets of Transform Labs and the person of Do Kwan. According to this person, these secret wallets have earned 42 million LUNA units through AirDrop. However, according to the proposal to create a new network, the foundation's wallets should not receive a share from the new network airdrop.

It seems that the problems of the two Quans with your community will not end soon. Every day a new complaint and accusation is made against your founder. A person with a FatMan Twitter account has dedicated his resources to this topic to learn more about the two Quans and the Labs Transform (TFL).

In his latest tweet, the user accused Cowan and the TFL of deceiving the public and lying about their Luna token assets. He wrote on Twitter:



 Do Cowan has repeatedly stated that the TFL has no Luna tokens (from the new network) and has referred to Terra 2 as a community-owned network. This is a clear lie that no one seems to want to talk about. In fact, the Labs Transfer holds 42 million Luna tokens worth more than $ 200 million.


 Meanwhile, Terra wrote on his official Twitter account on May 25 (June 4):

    Removing wallets from the AirDrop eligible list will make you a chain that belongs entirely to the community.

Fatman posted a screenshot on Twitter that included his tweet. In his tweet, Terra reassured the Luna community that TFL and Luna Foundation wallets would not be subject to Luna AirDrop when Luna 2.0 was released.

Reveal the list of secret wallets of Transform Labs

According to information shared by Fatman, the Labs Transformer has lied in this regard. The company and two other apparently have Shadow Wallets with a balance of 42 million Luna tokens. Fatman has further shared the links of the mentioned wallets. Three of these wallets belong to TFL and the other two wallets belong to two Kwan.

According to Fatman, the wallets below are the same as secret wallets with 42.81 million Luna tokens. You can see the list of these wallets below:

Secret TFL number one wallet with a balance of 11.28 million Luna tokens

Secret TFL wallet number two with a balance of 2.01 million Luna tokens

Metamsk TFL wallet with a balance of 0.72 million Luna tokens

Hidden wallet No. 1 Do Kuan with a balance of 19.69 million Luna tokens

Hidden wallet No. 2 Do Kwan with a balance of 9.11 million Luna tokens

Has there been fraud in the voting for the two-quota proposal?

Fatman is not content with this. He further accused the two Cowans of using their secret wallets to manipulate regulatory voting and approve his proposal. According to the rules of this voting, those who owned Luna (from Tera's previous network) had the power to vote in this event due to its size. Given that 42 million Luna units from the new network were allocated to these wallets in this airdrop, it can be estimated that these addresses had large amounts of Luna from the previous network, and consequently their vote could have a direct impact on the overall voting result. . Fatman allegedly submitted the two proposals and then used his secret wallets to vote in favor of and approve the proposals. Fatman noted that the TFL was not supposed to vote on community oversight decisions.

In a preliminary poll, almost the entire community opposed the creation of the new chain and instead wanted to burn the old Luna tokens, now known as the classic Luna.

However, after the amendment was submitted, the proposal was approved, but since then, there have been complaints within the Community that the two LUNC tokens have been dropped. Interestingly, Tera 2.0 is supported by Crypto Exchange.